New Acclaim Customer Featured: Delta County, CO

Maitland, Florida – February 16th, 2017

At Harris Recording Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional product and a superior customer experience – but you don’t have to take our word for it! Recently, we had a chance to chat with the staff from the Recording Department in the Delta County Clerk and Recorder’s Office to discuss their recent experience in upgrading from OnCore to our flagship product – Acclaim.

Their favorite features:

eCommerce:This is quickly becoming a vital aspect of the County’s operations. The ease of allowing the public to access and pay for services via credit card on the web has greatly reduced the time and effort required by staff in granting access to these important public records. The result for the Recording Department has been quieter phones and shorter lines in the lobby – two things that could not have been accomplished without Acclaim. In offering these additional services, the Recording Department has added an entirely new level of customer service and they take immense pride in it!

eRecording: The eRecording of documents has been simple to implement and allows the County to record many documents in a very short amount of time. What used to take days to weeks to complete can sometimes now only take minutes allowing the local real estate market to continue to move at its rapid pace.

Marriage/Civil Union Kiosk: This tool has greatly reduced the processing time required during the issuance of marriage and civil union licenses for both the public and the County’s staff. The public can enter required information from the comfort of their own home before they come to see us. The use of the kiosk allows us to issue the licenses faster, letting the applicants focus on much more exciting things – their celebrations!

User-Friendliness: Acclaim interface is very user-friendly, self-explanatory and intuitive. The requirements for training staff on the different processes, procedures and workflows have been minimal. Users can easily transition from one process to another without having to exit the application or open multiple windows. This has allowed more of the staff to be cross-trained in multiple tasks and has increased the efficiency of the Recording Department as a whole.

Customer Service Experience: Our experience with the Harris Recording Solutions, Customer Care Team has been superior. The transition from OnCore to Acclaim went very smoothly and HRS staff took extra care in coordinating our needs with their deadlines. We received top-notch service while training and working with our IT staff. We feel very confident when contacting the HRS Customer Care Team that our questions will be answered promptly and issues resolved accurately.

Judy Hays, Recording Supervisor

Amanda Porter, Recording Clerk

“One of our office’s mission is to spend tax dollars budgeted to us, as wisely as possible and Acclaim plays a huge part on this. The level of efficiency we’ve accomplished with the software helps us provide an excellent service to the public. The transition from OnCore to Acclaim was smoother than we expected and the ease of use of Acclaim has made it fast to train our staff. Harris delivered on their promises about Acclaim, and I can’t be more proud of the decision we’ve made for the people of Delta County.”

Teri A. Stephenson
Delta County Clerk

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By Anthony Moraga, Communications Specialist