About Harris Recording Solutions

Harris Recording Solutions provides a full-suite of revolutionary software for County Clerks, County Recorders, and County and Municipal Courts*. These software solutions allow our customers to automate the recording process, delivering significant reductions in document handling/processing times. Time and again, we have provided our customers tangible cost savings and revenue generation capabilities. We remain dedicated to delivering technology solutions that keep our clients on the forefront of process improvement, cost management, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.

Harris Recording Solutions consists of Aptitude Solutions and the recording products offered by Delta Computer Systems. Harris acquired Aptitude Solutions of Maitland, Florida in 2012, providing a secure home for Aptitude’s market-changing OnCore Recording System, bringing Harris’ proven management discipline to the business, and providing the resources to invest in and preserve the company’s future. In 2014, Harris Recording Solutions was established with the addition of approximately 100 recording customers of Delta Computer Systems, with Delta product experts remaining in their Biloxi, Mississippi office to serve customers in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

Your records are our passion, and we are committed to providing our customers the products they need to carry out the recording responsibilities of their offices while providing an exceptional customer service experience to constituents and businesses.

*Court systems provided to clients in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Contact our Biloxi office to learn more.

Harris provides mission critical software solutions to local governments, schools and utilities throughout North America. Since 1996, Harris has steadily acquired software companies that are the experts in their specific fields and provided an umbrella of support and systemization to maximize each business’ unique niche in the market. Unlike other vendors in the government, schools and utilities space that have a one size fits all approach to serve customers across multiple disciplines, Harris is an amalgamation of experts who are acutely in tune with the needs of their customers. In today’s tight budget times, local entities need solutions tailored to the unique needs of their constituents and communities.

Harris has acquired these diverse public sector-focused software businesses – more than 150 in total – and provided them with the support and resources inherent in a large corporation. Harris’ “acquire and hold” philosophy means Harris continues to operate over 99% of these acquired businesses. Today, Harris companies serve over 10,000 customers across North America, and employs over 2,200 employees in offices coast to coast.

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