• Track Individual and Group Performance
  • Customizable and Flexible
  • Cloud Based Architecture
  • Remote Service and Process Administration & Monitoring

In today’s tight budget times, county recording offices must maximize their resources, putting the right people in the right places throughout the day to meet the changing needs of their constituents. Enter the Director – a cloud-based management tool built for managing workflows and productivity in the recording office. The Director provides real-time data to assist managers and supervisors in making sure their offices are functioning as efficiently as possible, enabling them to move personnel to different roles on the spot based on workflow needs.

The Director has standard queries used to track staff performance, fee management, workflow management and IT management. Depending on the query, the results will appear in one of three ways, either as a threshold scalar, a spreadsheet-like grid, or a graphic chart. These result types are split into three tabs in the client console window – Main, Grid, and Chart.