• One Touch Scan And Return
  • Post-Scanning Features
  • Automatic Document Queuing
  • Hot Keys and Function Keys

OnCore revolutionized the land records industry when introduced over a decade ago, and Harris is pleased to continue OnCore’s legacy by standing behind the product and investing in the system. The recording industry’s market-changing application was developed to simplify the recording process, not make it more complicated. There are numerous user interface components included to help users through the recording process.

But don’t take our word for it. Clark County, NV chose OnCore as the solution to drive operational improvements and customer service enhancements that were never thought possible:

Clark County

The transition…was a smooth and well-organized effort. The level of customer service and the professionalism exemplified by their staff exceeded our expectations. The implementation of this software system has allowed our office the ability to offer a new set of services to our constituents through expanded search tools and instant document return. For us this represents another step towards becoming a model Recorder’s Office.

Debbie Conway, Recorder, Clark County, NV