Government Records Management Has Never Been Easier

The universe of public records can be complex, but managing them doesn’t have to be. Aumentum Recorder is a government records management software that helps you create and maintain a wide range of records, including real estate, licensing, vitals, and marriage.

Aumentum Recorder is built on the Aumentum Technology Platform with powerful functionality such as automated indexing and redaction, full text OCR searching on images, and e-recording from any authorized submitter. Aumentum Recorder helps customers do more with less, improving productivity and customer service with fewer duplication errors.

  • Robust Security
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Powerful Multitasking

ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION | Full eCommerce capabilities include a shopping cart for credit card purchases such as ordering certified copies, as well as saved searches and account management.

ROBUST SECURITY | Guard confidentiality with overlapping security layers, including auditing layers for user, workstation, and document tracking.

CUSTOMIZABLE WORKFLOW | Set up workflows the way you want. Drag and drop individual workflow components to configure the system in real time.

EXECUTIVE DASHBOARDS | Track staff inefficiencies and productivity through executive dashboards so managers can make better, quicker decisions.

REDUCE OFFICE TRAFFIC | Reduce time-consuming visits to your office by allowing the public to search, view, and print county records online.

POWERFUL MULTITASKING | Boost productivity with technology that lets you handle several processes at once, from running reports to viewing images.

SITE ANALYTICS | Get multiple statistical reports and views that show the workflow of the office and individual employees.

EFFICIENT DATA COLLECTION | Collect constituent data once to see it automatically populate into other systems, from billing and collection to the valuation roll.


Powerful Functionality

Aumentum includes multiple performance and statistics reports to allow the Clerk’s Office to manage their employee’s work throughput, and includes workflow tools that allow users to meet day-to-day challenges and workload demands.

I’ve looked at other programs, but what really keeps me with Aumentum is the people.
Heidi Easley
County Clerk, Victoria County, Texas

Integrated Components


Aumentum Recorder provides the complete range of recording capabilities, including real estate, licensing, marriage, and vital records, automated indexing and redaction, backfile conversion and indexing, full text OCR searching on images and e-recording from any trusted submitter. Plus, flexible workflow and user customization features mean you can use the system the way you want to. 

With fast access to information and the availability of public access to records through the Internet, you will serve customers better without adding staff. Self-serve takes another step forward with full eCommerce integration, including a shopping cart for credit card purchases for plain and certified copies.

Real Estate

Aumentum Recorder allows your staff to efficiently manage real estate documents such as deeds, deeds of trust, mortgages, liens, releases, abstracts of judgments, and notices. Within this document group, staff can easily scan and record documents, while conducting quality control and image enhancement operations to ensure excellent images. 


Maximize the benefits of electronic recording allowing documents submitted according to Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) standards, by any trusted submitter, to be electronically received, recorded and confirmed through a two-way interface. Title companies, escrow companies, attorneys, banking institutions, government agencies and other entities can be granted access as submitters allowing them to create, sign, and transmit a single document or a batch of documents to the recording office. This automated exchange streamlines document submission and indexing, improves turn-around time, and reduces costs for the county as well as the submitter. Our Government-to-Government option allows other government entities fast and easy electronic recording access without high development overhead.

Vital Records

Receive, scan, index, import, and image birth and death records enhancing your office’s ability to produce copies, flag records for fraudulent activity, and expunge records as required. Create certified copies of birth and death certificates. 

Web Public Access

With secure eCommerce functionality, Aumentum Recorder allows the public to access and purchase copies of records over the Internet. The system includes extensive search, view, and print functionality for both anonymous and authenticated users as well as the capability to enable on-line forms, including marriage applications and assumed names. It can be configured as a free service, subscription-based, or a hybrid between the two, providing your office with additional revenue streams, while provides constituents convenient access to records and simultaneously reducing foot traffic into your office. 

Cashiering and Accounting

A robust and integrated cashiering system is included with cash drawer support, Point-of-Sale credit card processing, refund and non-sufficient fund check tracking, auto-fee calculation and ledger disbursement. Other features include support for slip printers and fully-audited receipt adjustment capabilities. 

Marriage Documents

Aumentum Recorder’s Marriage function streamlines the marriage application and issuance process. All tools are included, such as the online marriage application, validation against all business rules, and form printing of all state and local forms.


The licensing module provides custom functionality for any licensing module such as Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses, Brands, Assumed Names, and Fictitious Business Names. Form generation, multiple expiration schemes, and online applications are available, to include courtesy letters to inform the public of record expiration.  

Other Document Modules

Index Books

Search-enable all the original Index Books maintained by your jurisdiction to allow public users full access to the entire history of records recorded. 

Meeting Minutes

Aumentum Recorder provides a Commissioner’s Court module that allows for scanning and importing all minutes and attachments in their native file format as well as OCR and file parsing. There is minimal indexing, as a full text search is available both internally and externally to the public. This allows for a comprehensive module that does not limit the information able to be retrieved.

Military Discharge

A separate DD214 module ensures records are secured against public view and still offers the same scanning and certified copy functionality as the rest of the application.

Court Documents

Manage document images for any court required by the county. For each distinct court type, Aumentum provides management for case and document security, cashiering, automated redaction, and management reports as well as image access for the public to view and print images for public court types.​

Custom Documents

Need to manage miscellaneous documents but don’t know where to put them? The Custom Docs module allows for an ad-hoc document group scan\store\retrieve module that allows you to decide what index fields and document types to capture. Modules may be extended to allow access on Public Access.