Our customers benefit from Harris’ Software for Life program. For as long as you are a customer, your license grants you access to new platforms within the same product class.

Harris’ unique businesses focus on their core competencies. We are not a “one size fits all” software provider; you require specialized software and expertise and our structure maximizes access to industry experts. Whether you’re looking for a Land Records system, financial management software, a utility billing solution or code enforcement suite (among many others), Harris can match your needs with our unique expertise. Learn more about Harris’ unique business and how we can serve virtually any of your needs.

15 states, 65 counties, 700+ users, and 6.2 million recordings.

YES! Acclaim was built with the look and feel of Microsoft Office, so our customers have found the move to Acclaim to be both familiar and easy, and our experienced team will be with you every step of the way. You’ll find a built-in workflow that is seamless, reduces training time, and makes the transition for you and your staff a breeze.

Scan up front technology gives users the ability to modify images without the need to rescan, dramatically reducing touch points, eliminating your backlog of documents, and enhancing your customer service experience.

Absolutely! We can provide on-site or online training for your new staff, and can structure some “refresher” training for existing staff as needed. Contact Us today to learn more.

Robust rules allow supervisors to control and restrict access to confidential documents and manage public-facing data. Acclaim may also be configured to the unique services your satellite offices provide.

We can provide data conversion services, and even partner with an imaging company to reduce time and effort for a project of this nature. Furthermore, we have additional modules that can assist with organizing/grouping documents and backposting index data for your historical images. We highly encourage you to contact HRS prior to embarking on this effort, as we can also provide the specifications you will need for importing images and data into Acclaim.

Push pins, split screens, adjustable windows and almost limitless hotkey assignments allow for a truly customized work station that makes your staff more efficient.

Director provides real-time data to assist managers and supervisors in making sure their offices are functioning as efficiently as possible, enabling them to move personnel to different roles on the spot based on workflow needs. As a cloud-based management tool built for managing workflows and productivity in the recording office, it is highly configurable and easily supported to help you carry out your office’s mission.

As a cloud-based management tool built for manning workflows and productivity in the recording office, it is highly configurable and easily supported to help you carry out your office’s mission. Director can reside in both your environment and a private cloud.

Harris is a company focused on growing our presence in the public sector market, and chose in 2012 to strategically add a recording solution to our mix of businesses and product offerings. Aptitude’s revolutionary products – and loyal customers – needed a home where they could flourish, and Harris has provided the structure and focus to ensure Aptitude’s customers can rely on their products, and next-generation software systems, for years to come. In early 2014 we added the Delta Computer Systems recording software, and 100+ customers in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. HRS will continue to grow in terms of customers, products and profitability.