Recording Done Right

This next-generation software solution revolutionizes workflow for County Clerks and Recorders. “One Touch Scan and Return” fosters an exceptional customer counter experience. Intuitive workflow, individualized self-help and productivity aids, and dynamic resource allocation provide multiple revenue generation control points. In addition to accommodating department strategies and goals, Acclaim maintains legislative compliance. Acclaim represents the future today!

  • Intuitive Workflow
  • Individualized Self-Help & Productivity Aids
  • One Touch Scan and Return
  • Multiple Revenue Generation Controls

The “One Touch Scan and Return” methodology revolutionizes workflow. Customers have experienced 30% efficiency gains as a result of reduced touch points. Scanned images are always available through Acclaim’s image-centric technology and follow the user through the entire workflow process.


Transaction Assistance

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Acclaim Web

Acclaim Web’s search functionality permits expert searching through both public access and secure password-protected login accounts. The county controls user-level access to sensitive and secure images and index data, based on document type and field description. Acclaim Web also offers eCommerce functionality and enables the county to charge for online searching and print capabilities via escrow accounts or online credit card payments.

Accounting Features

In addition to calculating and accounting for all recording fees and taxes, Acclaim will automatically generate customer receipts and handles all accounting entries for multiple payment types. Acclaim maintains a library of accounting reports at the user and supervisor levels to easily track distribution of funds, overages and shortages, revisions, daily closeout and billing. Acclaim maintains GAAP Compliance to assist with your accounting and audit needs.

Automatic Document Queuing

Provides counties with the ability to manage the internal flow of imaged documents through the recording process. Acclaim’s built-in electronic queuing with corresponding reports guide supervisors through workload distribution by identifying the number of outstanding documents for each process.

Post Scanning Features

The recording industry’s newest technology delivers a fresh look and feel with an even more streamlined approach to its design. Acclaim is easy to use and requires very little user interface training since it mirrors the seamlessness of the Microsoft Office products. The application has been developed to simplify the recording process, not make it more complicated. There are numerous user interface components included to help users through the recording process.

Configurable User Preferences

All configurable aspects of Acclaim that are user specific, such as Hot Keys, specialized help aids, etc., move with the user. If a user moves to a new workstation, all-configured items will be available.

Hot keys and function keys

Acclaim comes with a hot key library, allowing administrators to custom configure the shortcuts so that their users are able to perform routine tasks quickly.

Electronic Stamp

Acclaim electronically stamps recording book and page information on every page, eliminating the need for slip printers. Electronic stamps can be configured for each page.

Push Pins

Users are able to minimize, maximize, or even move multiple screens within a transaction to utilize the monitor’s real-estate to the user’s preference.

Split-Screen View

Users are able to maintain multiple screen views on one or multiple monitors so that they can move between screens with ease and efficiency.

Running Transaction Total Bar

Above every transaction is a live transaction total. This feature reduces the need to move away from the transaction if customers ask what their current balance owed is.


Maximize the benefits of electronic recording allowing documents submitted according to Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) standards, by any trusted submitter, to be electronically received, recorded and confirmed through a two-way interface.