St. Lucie County Florida Clerk and Comptroller Reestablishes Partnership with Harris Recording Solutions

We are excited to announce that St. Lucie Clerk and Comptroller Michelle Miller is reestablishing the long-standing relationship with Harris Recording Solutions.  We have always enjoyed working with the exceptional staff at St. Lucie County, and are thrilled to partner in the mission to streamline their business. We are grateful that our valued partnership will continue to prosper for many years to come.  

I am very impressed with the continuous technological progress presented by Harris Recording Solutions; partnering with HRS will promote cost savings for our taxpayers and offer greater online opportunities that benefit our community.  Customer service has always been stellar with HRS, so the choice to remain part of the Harris family was an easy one for me.

Michelle Miller, St. Lucie County Clerk & Comptroller

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About Harris Recording Solutions:

Harris Recording Solutions provides a full suite of revolutionary software for County Clerks, County Recorders, and County and Municipal Courts. These software solutions allow our customers to automate the recording process, delivering significant reductions in document handling/processing times. Time and again, we have provided our customers’ tangible cost savings and revenue generation capabilities. We remain dedicated to delivering technology solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of process improvement, cost management, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.

Harris Recording Solutions is a division of Harris Computer Corporation and its parent company, Constellation Software, which serves over 125,000 customers in over 100 countries relying on its innovative public and private sector software solutions.

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