Nevada County, California Goes Live with Acclaim!

Harris Recording Solutions is excited to announce another successful go-live implementation of Acclaim!
The Nevada County Clerk-Recorder’s Office and Harris Recording Solutions’ partnership began in 2009 with the implementation of our legacy recording system, OnCore.  Nevada County chose to upgrade to Acclaim and we put the old OnCore system to rest in August 2018.  We are so appreciative that Clerk-Recorder Greg Diaz is focused on forward progress and cutting edge technology – and his team shares his passion.  Your commitment to excellence shines through brightly Nevada County!

“I personally wish to thank Angie Bayne as she was instrumental to the success of this Acclaim implementation.  Angie was fully invested in all the testing, training, communication, AND she maintained a positive/upbeat attitude throughout the process.”

Linda Shepherd
HRS, Project Managment Team

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